About This Project

Since 2006, NTEN has produced the annual Nonprofit IT Staffing and Investments survey and report for the nonprofit sector. The reports chronicle how the nonprofit sector invests in technology -- from staffing levels to technology budgets.

We know, however, that nonprofits want to find the data and benchmarks that most closely resembles their own organization in order to make better informed decisions. In a static report, we can only practically display a few segments for each data point.

In 2012, with the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we undertook the development of an online tool that allows individuals to enter demographic data about their organizations and benchmark themselves against comparable organizational data from our research. The Gilbert Center helped develop the beta version, while Mark Burgess provided development and design expertise to bring us to the current phase of this benchmarking tool. We also want to thank Microsoft for their support in the development of this project.

Past IT Staffing & Spending Reports

NTEN's annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Spending research seeks to gauge the state of nonprofit investments in technology resources, and provides organizations with annual information to help evaluate their own approaches. When we began this research series in 2006, it was the first time a survey of this kind had ever been done. We hoped to shed light on the most common questions nonprofit organizations were asking in this area, including the level of investment nonprofits were making in IT, what typical salaries looked like, and how small and large organizations compared with each other.

You can download the current report, as well as all past reports for free online here.

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